Tarek Amer school values quality in all services we offer as the following :


Quality Policy

Tarek Amer ® school is committed to the highest quality standards as the following:


  • Adopting Cambridge and Oxford Universities high standards of English Language Teaching

  • Adopting ECDL and Microsoft high standard in Information Technology Training

  • Adopting ISO 9001 Quality Standards

  • Carefully designing and reviewing our courses to match changing knowledge and technology

  • Dedicating highly qualified teachers and instructors to deliver our courses

  • Paying deep attention to customers’ complaints and suggestions concerning our services quality.

  • Supporting our student through qualified teachers and instructors

  • Following Original Manufacturers guidelines in all aspects of training and examinations


Environment Policy

Tarek Amer ® school is committed to the highest environmental standards as the following:


  • Following Belarussian and International Standards in keeping the environment

  • Keeping eye on teaching activities which may harm the environment and modify or delete them

  • Adopting Electricity and Cooling saving technologies in our classrooms.

  • Committing to electronic equipment waste recycling as per Belarussian and International Industrial Waste Management Standards

  • Limiting paper printing to necessary educational materials and adopting Online and electronic based training methodology to decrease dependency of tree resources.


Social Responsibility


Tarek Amer ® school is committed to its social responsibility as the following:


  • Sponsoring graduate students English Language and IT Projects

  • Supporting and volunteering in handicapped people Language and IT enabling activities

  • Participating in Public Language and IT Awareness campaigns for students and the community

  • Offering free training programs for alpha students in collaboration with Ministry of Education

  • Offering undergraduate students internships in the field of Engish Language and IT

  • Participating in Language and IT social campaigns for a better community and environment

  • Respecting Society standards, ethics and customs in all our activities

  • Representing Belarus  in an honorable way in local and international exhibitions