When you come up with an initiative to start or expand your online business, many factors seem to drive your decision. The Time and the budget seem the most influential among many. Even these two factors can sometimes lead to make your decision quick and inexpensive. If tight budget and short timeline satisfy your website needing, “FREE” could be your word of choice.

There are numerous Joomla! FREE template out there in the web, but it’s hard to know where to find recent, responsive, trendy and a template that suit your need perfectly. My today’s job to save your time showcasing 10 Free Joomla! templates, that provide you a great starting platform for your online business right away. Here are the templates.

01. Purity III - JoomlArt


Purity III is a top-notch FREE Joomla template that serves your website need enormously. The template is built with T3 Framework comes Bootstrap 3 at core that can tailored with any viewing devices. Purity III highly compatible with most the 3rd party extensions in community and easily customizable with ThemeMagic or Layout configuration.

Download Purity III Template

 02. Magazine - GavickPro


The magazine is one of the most popular FREE Joomla! Template for casual bloggers or professional news-portal writes. The template comes with a powerful NSP extension. Even the sidebar-based navigation allows your visitors to get around with ease, the responsive layout means users of all screen sizes will still get a satisfying site-experience.

Download Magazine Template

03. Zenith II - ThemeXpert


Zenith II is a FREE responsive Joomla! 3.3 templates with lots of outstanding features. The template has been shaped with condense typography and the most popular Bootstrap front-end Framework. Zenith II Template is perfectly suitable to kick start a business portfolio website in Joomla or makeover your existing one.

Download Zenith II Template

04. AfterBurner 2 - Rockettheme


Afterburner 2 is Free Joomla! Template, built with Gantry framework outfitted with 3 preset style variations. Each preset comes with easily configurable option from header, footer and menu style. The template is lightweight, optimized to perfection, high performance and speed at the core.

Download AfterBurner 2 Template

05. Eximium - YouJoomla


Eximium Joomla Template is designed for every possible website, great speed and remarkable flat design. The template is built with Yjsg v2 framework help you to enable sliders, tab, accordion and many more from your Joomla backend. even Eximium template comes with out of the box responsive layout, that cares for mobile web presence and other viewing devices.

Download Eximium Template

06. Design Control - Shape5


Design Control is a simplistic Joomla! template that will help you to make a wide variety of websites, The template is free and responsive comes with numerous aesthetics and great features, all credit goes to Vertex Framework.

Download Design Control Template

07. Xeon - JoomShaper


Xeon is FREE responsive OnePage Joomla template. The template is slick and clean, that serve your portfolio, business, event, personal and corporate website need smartly. Xeon comes with three presents with bundle of custom modules to get you started right away..

Download Xeon Template

08. SJ Vinda - Smartaddons


SJ Vinda is a free responsive Joomla template, designed with bootstrap, responsive layout, SEO optimized and LESS. The template is comes with powerful and flexible in-house module by Smartaddon.

Download SJ Vinda Template

09. ZT F7 - ZooTemplate


ZT F7 is simple responsive Joomla template built with Zo2 Framework comes with lot of core features. The template is FREE and clean, designed specially with the small business in mind and perfectly suited for people who don’t know how to code.

Download ZT F7 Template

10. JSN Force - Joomlashine


The business model of Joomlashine is based free and paid template. Each premium template has a FREE template available on their website. Premium templates come with extensive features but FREE templates hold restriction. There is no difference in JSN Force. JSN Force is eCommerce responsive template, that helps get you start right now.

Download JSN Force Template


I have just chosen templates randomly while picking up FREE Joomla templates. Before featuring the templates, I considerate two major things. First the proficiency of guys behind template development and templates’ outfit. If I forgot to anyone to showcase, please remind in comment below.