ACORN® Software Belarus is an Information Technology Professional Services firm hardhearted in Baranovichi - Belarus. ACORN® is engaged in the following activities :

•    Server Computing Design, manufacturing and implementation
•    Website Design and Development
•    Software and Database Development
•    IT Curricula Design and IT Training
•    ISO IEC 20000 Consultancy
•    Building IT Environments for Businesses
•    IT Hardware and Software Trading
•    IT Management
•    IT Project Management
•    IT Equipment Design and Manufacturing
•    IT Consultancy, IT Auditing, Documentation and Forensics


Quick facts :

1- ACORN® dates back to 2004 and founded by Mr. Tarek Amer - The Egyptian Belarussian Entrepreneur

2- ACORN® is operating now in 200+ countries and an extensive network of offices and partners around the globe

3- Sole Representative of Belarus Hi Technology Park in Arab World (

4- Builder of the award winning ACORN® server. The network server computing foundation for than 100+ businesses around the globe

5- Main markets are Arab World, European Union and North America



ACORN®  mission is to design, build and implement world class computing software and hardware solutions to businesses around the globe


ACORN® is striving to be the biggest software developer in Europe by 2025


Oak Tree is one of the most tough trees in northern forests. Oak tree resembles stability, toughness and environmental richness. so we consider it as a symbol of rich and full IT Environment. As the seed of this tree is the Acorn. ACORN® selected this logo as the seed or heart of the IT rich environment through products and services delivered by ACORN® on which this environment is built.


Quality Policy

ACORN® is committed to the highest quality standards as the following:

  • Adopting British IT Management Standards ITIL
  • Adopting American IT Management Standards COBIT
  • Adopting ISO IEC 20000 Standards
  • Dedicating highly qualified quality engineer to check products before delivery for customers
  • Paying deep attention to customers’ complaints and suggestions concerning products and services quality.
  • Supporting Products and services through qualified 24/7 Support Team
  • Following Original Manufacturers guidelines in all aspects of products delivery and management



Environment Policy

ACORN® is committed to the highest environmental standards as the following:

  • Following Belarussian and International Standards in keeping the environment
  • Keeping eye on IT activities which may harm the environment and modify or delete them
  • Adopting Electricity and Cooling saving technologies specially in Data Centers and Server Rooms
  • Committing to electronic equipment waste recycling as per Belarussian and International Industrial Waste Management Standards
  • Providing products and services to contribute to better environment management and better civil and industrial waste management.

Social Responsibility

ACORN® is committed to its social responsibility as the following:

  • Sponsoring graduate students IT Projects
  • Supporting and volunteering in handicapped people IT enabling activities
  • Participating in Public IT Awareness campaigns for students and the community
  • Offering free training programs for alpha students in collaboration with Ministry of Education
  • Offering undergraduate students internships in the field of IT
  • Participating in IT social campaigns for a better community and environment
  • Respecting Society standards, ethics and customs in all our activities
  • Representing Belarus  in an honorable way in local and international exhibitions